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Looking for Lean or Agile coaching and training? Hire an expert in Agile and Lean approaches to software development with 15 years of industry experience. Liz is  a well-known blogger and international speaker with a technical background. She is passionate about people, has a keen interest in psychology, and can help you and your teams deliver more effectively by focusing on the differences that make people, projects and companies unique. … Read More

In 2001, a number of leaders from the software industry came together to discuss the best ways they’d found for creating software. They came up with the Agile Manifesto. This part of it has long been my favourite: We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. As a developer, I do it. As an Agile coach, I help. A coach’s job is … Read More

Sometimes it can be hard for a team to learn within their existing processes. Mistakes can be costly, and trying out new practices and techniques can be difficult at first. These training courses are designed to help the team spot obvious pitfalls, learn through making mistakes in a safe environment, and find out how to make their existing projects “safe to fail” instead of “fail safe”. Read More

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WiPFlash is a small, easy-to-use wrapper for Microsoft UI Automation. It’s particularly good for WPF and Silverlight apps running under Windows. Read More


When we rewrote JBehave 1.0 as JBehave 2.0, we stripped out much of the functionality which wasn’t core to running stories and scenarios. Part of this included the Java Swing automation tool which I had created to run the examples. Read More


Originally, JBehave was conceived by Dan North as a “thought experiment”, intended to illustrate the difference between testing using the language of TDD, and the language of BDD which treats tests as examples of behaviour. Read More