Looking for technical excellence?

Find out how to keep code maintainable, legible and well-designed using BDD and TDD. Adopt continuous integration and deployment techniques to ensure that everything you produce can be delivered and to make testing easier. Use skeleton architectures with Real Options to address technical risk and discover solutions quickly. Find out what social practices might help the team learn and grow together, sharing their specialities and building on their strengths. When the cost of change is low, change becomes easy!

Various courses and coaching available – or hire me as a developer and put me on your team!

Product manager tired of “grooming” your backlog?

Use Feature Injection in combination with Kanban to produce a high-level understanding of the vision and system capabilities, identify areas of risk and uncertainty, then limit the amount of lower-level analysis done but not delivered. As well as providing a clearer picture of the vision for the whole team, this allows problems to be solved creatively, with quick feedback on the feasibility of the product and a quick release of minimum viable features – plus all of Kanban’s other benefits too!

Usually a 1 or 2 week transformation per team with occasional 1-day support afterwards.

Not enough money to fund the project?

Use Feature Injection and models of differentiation to identify the minimum deliverable that will deliver value. Identify commoditised features to leverage existing expertise, open-source or off-the shelf software, while keeping your differentiator easy to change. Use BDD scenarios to slice stories finely, deliver through a Kanban system and quickly get feedback on whether the budget is enough to make a difference!

One or two days coaching.

Legacy system or project in need of rescue?

Use Feature Injection and BDD’s scenarios to explore both the existing and the intended behaviour of the system, and narrow down the scope to the smallest thing which could be valuably released. Establish desired business outcomes and stakeholder goals to provide a space for creative, alternative solutions. Explore, refactor, clarify and document the behaviour of legacy code within the safety net provided by automated scenarios and examples.

Please get in touch to discuss your particular context.

Legacy system in need of replacement?

Take an incremental approach to replacement and benefit more quickly from new system features and production feedback. Use Feature Injection to establish new, differentiating functionality and explore the minimum capabilities which the new system needs to support it, then add features incrementally until the legacy system is retired. Produce well-designed, maintainable, documented and tested code with BDD’s scenarios and examples, and help your new system avoid the fate of its predecessor!

Please get in touch to discuss your particular context.

Greenfield development?

Use Feature Injection to establish a clear vision around which the team can collaborate, then pull a high-level backlog from secondary stakeholders’ goals and the business outcomes and system capabilities which will need to be delivered to achieve them. Using the philosophies of Deliberate Discovery, identify the greatest areas of ignorance and the biggest risks. Apply the principles of Real Options to provide simple, flexible and scalable architecture. Address technical concerns early, integrate systems quickly and help your stakeholders sleep soundly.

Usually a 1 or 2 week start with occasional 1-day support afterwards.

Adopting or improving BDD?

Phrase your scenarios in terms of business and system capabilities for easy readability and maintenance and focus on value. Learn what to automate, what not to automate, and when and how to do it. Question and understand the value, scope and behaviour of your system using Feature Injection and conversational patterns. Quickly adopt those aspects of BDD which will best support your unique context, build on what you’re already doing, or tune the practices already in place.

1/2 and 1 day workshops for experienced Agile / Lean practitioners. Coaching also available – find out what a difference a day makes!

Looking for a developer?

Want a BDD expert on your team? I love to code! If you’re willing to work around occasional speaking commitments and my 4-day week, please get in touch for details of reduced rates for mixed development / coaching. Java / C# specialities.

Looking for a speaker?

I am a well-known and well-received conference speaker with extensive international experience. Please note that due to overwhelming demand, and associated financial constraints, I am giving preference to conferences which can fund my accommodation and travel.

I am also available to speak at your company event. Please get in touch to discuss rates and dates!